Sunpol Centrium D Neutralizer

Sunpol Centrium D Neutralizer is a neutral aid detergent for laundering linens, easily remove the stain

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Sunpol Centrium D Neutralizer
- Neutralize alkaline in water, help dissolved stain in water
- Remove dirt on linen easily 
- Well water absorption by activating the surface tension 
- Prevent reattachment of dirt
- Make linen clearly after laundry by including whitening agent
- Eco-friendly intergredient

How to use:
- Supply the detergent by automatic detergent feeding machine depend on the stain and cleaning volume
- Adjust the feeding amount of detergent according to the kind of linen
- Recommend using Sunpol Centrium D Neutralizer combine with other product in Sunpol series for the best cleaning effect

Package : 20l/pail

Warning: Harmful if swallow. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Store at dry and cool place

Origin: Korea

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