Standard Remover SHOCK

Standard Remover SHOCK - Detergent for stripping other chemical or stain on the floors, re-new the floor quickly.

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Standard Remover (Shock)
- Standard Remover SHOCK is liquid include 85-95% water, the surfactant (0-10%), solvent (5-15%) and Alkaline bonus (5-15%) make the chemical dissolve progress faster.
- Standard Remover SHOCK is the alkaline chemical (pH:13~14), best effective when combine with the floor cleaning machine help to save cleaning time and cost.
- Standard Remover SHOCK should be diluted with clean water before clean the floor. The rate depend on dirty level and the cleaning area.

How to use:
- Clean and dry floor
- Apply the SHOCK onto the cleaning area and wait 5 minutes
- Put the soft fabric under the cleaning machine or under the gear along the wall corner. Handle clean the area cleaning machine cannot reach
- Using vaccuum extractor to remove the remain chemicals. Make sure no chemical remain on the floor
Clean floor with water and dry floor

- Highly recommend using SHOCK with other neutralizer chemical to make sure no chemical remain on the floor.
- If use the neutralizer, dilute the neutralizer at rate 1:150. Using the mop to clean floor after dry it.

Coverage: Approx. 1,155m2 ~1,320m2/pail

Package: 18.75 L (5 gallon)

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