Scale Remover – SCALE OFF

Scale Remover – SCALE OFF use for removing calcium and other mineral precipitate deposits from the inner parts of the machine

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Scale Remover – SCALE OFF
- Instantly removes inorganic precipitates adhered to the surface
- Easily removes rust and lime precipitates

How to use:
1. To remove scales from the inner parts of the washer:
A. Fill up clean water to the brim of the washer.
B. Drain 8~10 liters of water from the washer
C. Top up the washer with SCALE OFF
D. Run the washer for approx 10 ~ 20 minutes depending on the severity of the scales.
E. Turn off the washer and drain the water completely.
F. Fill clean water into the washer and run for approx 2 ~ 3 minutes.
G. Drain water completely and use the machine as usual.

2. To remove the scales from general utensils:
A. Apply undiluted Scale Off 
B. Allow to penetrate for 1~2 minutes.
C. Agitate the scale with a scrubbing tool and scrape off.
D. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Note: Always wear rubber gloves and other safety devices as appropriate. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. If contact occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes and seek Scale Off medical advice

Packages : 18.75 L (5 gallon)

Warning: Harmful if swallow. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Store at dry and cool place

Origin: Korea

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