Liquid Hand Soap – GREEN SAVON

Liquid Hand Soap – GREEN SAVON - Detergent for cleaning and moisturizing hands and made from environmentally friendly ingredients. 

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Liquid Hand Soap – GREEN SAVON
- Cleans and moisturizes hands
- Soft and rich lather
- Made from environmentally friendly ingredients. 
- Mildness of products enables frequent hand washing
- Effectively removes light soil from hands
- Easily rinsed

Method of Use
- Fill the liquid soap in a container or dispenser. 
- Wet hands and apply soap and rub until it lathers. 
- Rinse thoroughly with running water. 
- Use paper towels to pat hands dry.

Packages: 3.75 L / 18.75 L

Warning: Harmful if swallow. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Store at dry and cool place

Origin: Korea

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