Floor Cleaning Agent – ALL CLEAN

Floor Cleaning Agent – ALL CLEAN is multi-purpose detergent floor cleaning especially to remove stains 

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Floor Cleaning Agent – ALL CLEAN
Features : 
- Suitable for cleaning prior to re-application of wax
- Dual effect - cleaning and sterilization, suitable for cleaning hospital floor
- Dissolve stain quickly, protect floor and original color of floor

Method of Use 
ALL CLEAN could be used with mop or special cleaning equipment.
1. Dilute All Clean as required with water.
1:20~1:60 for light to medium soil,1:5~1:10 for heavy soil
2. Apply to surface to be cleaned
3. Agitate with mop or autoscrubber
4. Rinse clean with water and let dry
Note All Clean must be diluted at the prescribed rates prior to use.

Standard Amount of Use : Approx 350m2 per 1Ltr

Packages 3.75 L (1 gallon) / 18.75 L (5 gallon)

Warning: Harmful if swallow. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Store at dry and cool place

Origin: Korea

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